Francis Shepherd’s perception of the world and artistic expressions are reminiscent of youthful experiences and early childhood interactions with light, sound, and emotions formed by natural observations which continue to shape his adult psyche and creative reflections. From imaginative playfulness in natural environments, abstract interactions with the chaos of modern design, and unique explorations of architecture, cultures, and distant lands, his art attempts to capture a visual “Amuse-bouche” of life’s palette through personal expression and thoughtful experimentation.

Often expressed through abstractness, color palettes, manipulations of form, and naturally inspired geometry, the foundation of his imagery is shaped by his view of mixed reality materialized through cinematic exploration applied to paper and objects. Francis is driven to capture life experiences through modern interpretation and reflection mirrored in his passion to create unique imagery with hand embellishments and mixed media.

“Art is often expressed in nature through math in the form of fractals. Geometric expressions reflect abstract ideas in recurring themes and infinite forms. The idea that aesthetics can be communicated through abstraction while representing passionate thoughts inspires me to put form to ideas. Visualizations reflect the investigation of thought limited only by confines of space and time. If abstract ideas reflect the journey of life experiences, I feel nourished.”

“I am inspired by the world around me, the people I meet, the sustainability of our global ecosystem. I love to discover creativity through the lens of my camera and immersive visual experiences. Through the years, I have met interesting artists, witnessed amazing exhibitions, and admire those who channel new directions and influence culture. I am especially enlightened by thought leaders who challenge traditional philosophy and pioneer exploration of the arts through manipulative invention. Personal interactions with my children and grandchildren inspire me to enjoy life and relive childhood memories while pursuing aesthetic adventures.”


Francis Shepherd is a retired media and engineering consultant for a large California dot com. With over 40 years of experience in communication arts, his career has transcended traditional media, fine arts, interactive media design, software development, visual storytelling, VFX production, film and video workflow design, and technical consulting in media, health, and enterprise markets. Francis is a frequent technical presenter at conferences, workshops, and professional media events. His career focus areas include media integration, creative learning spaces, collaborative sandbox development, content mentoring for innovators in digital media initiatives, and the exploration of trends in emerging technologies. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, his studio is located in Cary, North Carolina.

Web: www.instagram.com/shepherd

Email: shepherd@icloud.com

Voice: (919) 859-2774