I work with domestic and imported hardwoods, natural stones, metals, glass, whims and
fancies. Materials are cut apart and made smaller, and then glued back together and made
larger. Sometimes they are glued together and made larger, and then cut apart and made
smaller. It just depends.

I used to get my ideas from a factory in Schenectady, who for $14.95 would send me
three every month, but they weren’t always all that lovely and anyway they went out of
business and now I just have to think of stuff on my own. Sometimes the dog has a good
notion, but she is not reliable.

Some of my pieces perform tasks. For instance there are works upon which you may sit,
or upon which you may place objects made by somebody else. Some of my pieces do not
perform tasks; they’re just there. You can look at them, and then look at them again later,
and if they’re well done, then when you look at them later you might see something that
wasn’t there the first time, even though the piece didn’t change, although maybe the light
in the room did, or maybe you did or maybe lunch isn’t sitting well.

Everything can try to be beautiful. Only a few things should try to be pretty. If it doesn’t bug you a little bit, it probably isn’t all that valuable.