Luna Lee Ray and Shelly Hehenberger are two artists working collaboratively to create deeply
rich and textured pieces. They are both inspired by geology and the natural sciences, and work
in layers invoking the forms and processes of the world around us.

A truly collaborative work is rare. It requires that the participants are willing to approach the work with an attitude of unattached exploration toward both their own and the other person’s contributions. In our case, due to our similar way of working and common aesthetic interests, we find the collaborative format to be challenging yet surprisingly stimulating. Our process involves trading pieces back and forth numerous times as the surface develops, until an agreed upon resolution is reached. Because much of each layer is reworked or edited in the process, we find that focusing on the enjoyment of creating each layer becomes a crucial part of the work’s expression. We have found this creative freedom key to making art that is satisfying on many levels, and it has deeply informed our individual ideas and work.