I grew up in Grand Blanc Michigan, the youngest of three girls. Our personalities span the spectrum and I ended up as the tomboy. I was raised with an entrepreneurial mindset by a stay at home Mom with a bent for the unusual and a very dynamic father in the vending business.

I come from a family of welders. My grandfather, my uncle and my cousins are all welders and the process has fascinated me as long as I can remember.

I studied welding and blacksmithing with John Amaro at CCCC for about a year, and continue learning on my own and taking classes. It is so fulfilling to finally take my vision and make it come to life. There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking a rusty piece of scrap metal and turning it into something beautiful.

Through my work I try to play a small part in transitioning this divided and chaotic world toward a planet full of acceptance, love and unity. I actually see the creation of my art as a form of worship. I try to pull inspiration from the Source of our Oneness when I am in the process of creating and try to breathe that energy into each of my pieces. If I can make something that moves someone to feel a small sense of peace, or brings a bit of joy to their heart, then my life as an artist is a life well spent.

For more information, please visit www.gypsysky.com