Zoe Allison is an Artist and a Scholar. She is the co-founder of Earth Green Medicine Lodge since 1990, a center for creating spiritual-based art filled lives located in the Western North Carolina Mountains. Zoe has led classes and workshops privately and at colleges and universities for over 35 years and has traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.  She is the author of the Mayan Record Keeper, a book of drawings and text on the Sacred Tzolkin.  Her Mayan Wave Tracker is a yearly calendar based on native teachings of the days of prophecy. This work has created a series of sixty paintings which have been included with an instruction booklet, as a deck of cards.



Zoe has been a Mayan Scholar and Day Keeper since 1993. Her work has continued to explore the mysteries and magic of dynamic relationships within the Light Language shapes. This has inspired her art. Within these Geometric shapes, found in all of nature, the marriage of Celestial and Terrestrial energies are expressed in the symbols and teachings of ancient cultures.


For more information about Zoe Allison, please visit her web site http://earthgreenmedicinelodge.com/